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Reaping the dividends of Goje’s government
According to the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, excellence does not come by accident; it is achieved by habit and conscious commitment to what we intend to attain. Indeed, this is the philosophy that guides the policies and strategies of Governor Danjuma Goje of Gombe State ever since he was democratically elected to serve his people.
His commitment to transforming Gombe State in all facets of development is evident and unmistakably obvious to even the most casual observer. To be sure, the people of Gombe state are counting their blessings day after day because their resources are being wisely invested into the promotion of their welfare. Alhaji Goje’s achievements are so vast and widespread that a limited newspaper space cannot do justice to such impressive record.
However, some of the facts of his achievements need to be presented to disprove mischief makers who are ever determined to either obscure or obliterate his record of genuine performance. Housing is one of the key areas where the Goje administration has distinguished itself.
The on-going construction of five hundred housing units, comprising one, two and three bedrooms flats, is a clear demonstration of Governor Goje’s commitment to the provision of decent housing to Gombe State citizens. As shelter is essential to human existence and physical security, his administration has also acquired sites for housing purposes at Shongo Idrissa, Dukku Road and Maiganga Village in Akko Local Government Area.
In furtherance of these laudable objectives of providing decent and affordable housing, the Goje government has successfully implemented the house ownership scheme for civil servants at the state low cost housing in Gombe. The welfare and morale of the civil servants is a key factor to efficient and successful implementation of government policies. And indeed, the Goje administration has demonstrated its firm commitment to a motivated work force.
Under its comprehensive housing policy, the Goje administration has constructed and allocated one hundred units of 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom detached bungalows to its civil servants. To complement this effort, another fifty-two units of 3-bedrooms and one hundred and ten units of 2-bedrooms houses are also nearing completion. The state low cost houses have been offered to the civil servants on owner-occupier basis.
An efficient transport system is essential to social, economic and commercial life and the Goje administration has given this sector a shot in the arm. His administration has constructed an ultra-modern terminus for the Gombe Line Transport Service. Facilities such as office blocks, waiting halls, restaurant, tickets selling office, shopping complexes, V.I.P. toilets and bathrooms are conveniently provided in the ultra-modern terminus.
To ensure the Gombe Line Transport Service meets the increasing demands of the people, the Goje administration has acquired fifty brand new buses to augment the existing fleet available to the company.
Other areas in which the Goje administration has made remarkable strides include urban development, security, prudent financial management and attracting federal projects. Under its comprehensive urban development programmes, fifty-three asphalt-laid roads were constructed with reinforced concrete drainage within the Gombe metropolis alone. Asphalt-covered roads and drainage were also constructed in all the eleven local government headquarters of Gombe state.
The Gombe State Airport which was constructed by the Goje administration is currently being upgraded to International Airport status. In addition, inter-town networks of roads have been constructed and commission across the state. In fact, the establishment of the Gombe State Environmental Protection Agency is a further proof of Alhaji Goje’s commitment to the emergence of decent and enviable cities, including the State capital, Gombe. The Agency apart from the basic responsibility of cleaning the state capital, also offers job opportunities for more than two thousand youths who could otherwise have become a nuisance to the society if left at the mercy of unemployment.
No machinery of government can run smoothly without an efficient civil service. In this regard, the Goje administration has introduced one of the best policies for staff motivation. Prompt and regular payment of staff salaries and allowances is one of impressive features of the policies being implemented by the Goje administration.
Regular promotion of deserving civil servants, provision of vehicle loans, implementation of twelve percent salary rise to all categories of civil servants and the clearance of backlog of pension arrears and gratuities are other areas in which the Goje administration has distinguished itself.
The creation of three new Ministries to decentralize and decongest unwieldy Ministries has provided job opportunities to more than two thousand persons who were recruited into the civil service.
Increased insecurity is one of the challenges facing Nigeria’s current democratic order and the northeast zone where Gombe State is situated is one of the worst hit by the menace of armed robbery. Disturbed by this reality, the Goje administration has strengthened the hands of the Operation Aradu (Thunderbolt) which is being carried out by a combined special force of soldiers and the Police.
Because of its active commitment to this security operation, the Goje administration is restoring confidence in the people who have become captives of fear. The relative improvement in security in Gombe state is because of the fact that the Goje administration is properly funding and equipping the joint security operation.
With a High Security Committee, headed by Governor Goje, which monitors and offers direct support to security operatives, Gombe State is witnessing remarkable decline in the level of armed robbery and other violent crimes. For example, the notorious Udawa bandits have been effectively frustrated from crossing into Gombe State by the Joint Mobile Police and Army Patrols.
Governor Danjuma has nothing more to prove because his record of achievement will continue to speak for itself. This record is unassailable by any objective standard of assessment. His achievements on the ground are enough to arrest the attention of even a casual observer or a first-time visitor to Gombe state.



  • tahirmy

    Count Me Out of Presidential Race for Now, Goje Says
    Suleiman M. Bisalla, Abdul-Rahman Abubakar and Turaki A. Hassan
    25 October 2009

    Against the background of his rumoured presidential ambition, Gombe State governor Danjuma Goje cleared the air on Sunday saying he should be counted out for now.

    Speaking at the occasion of the Nigerian Compass Mid-Term Award for Excellence in Governance, 2009, in Abuja , Goje said he is at the moment preoccupied with the provision of dividends of democracy to the people and as such, “the issue of the presidency does not arise for now.”

    The governor therefore requested the Master of Ceremony (MC) who earlier made allusions to his appropriateness for the presidency to “withdraw that for now.”

    Goje, alongside five other governors including Ikedi Ohakim (Imo), Gbenga Daniel (Ogun), Bukola Saraki (Kwara), Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) and Babatunde Fasola (Lagos) were honoured by Nigerian Compass for what it called their exceptional performance midway into their four-year tenure.

    The Gombe State governor who bagged the award of excellence in water supply also carted home the overall prize of best governor in the period under review.

    In his responce to the recognition accorded them, Governor Goje urged his colleagues to see the award as an impetus to render more service to the people. He said his major preoccupation is to work toward completing the projects he has initiated, stressing that his successor ought to be someone who will build on the legacy he has inherited.

    Also speaking at the occasion, Minister of Justice Michael Aondoaakaa said the present crop of governors is working hard to provide dividends of democracy to the people and assist President Yar’adaua to succeed.

    He cautioned the media against excessive criticism saying elected and appointed officers should not always be portrayed negatively as they have a great deal of their positive sides. The minister therefore commended the presenters of the award, saying with such motivation to leaders, the country will be better in future.

    In his own speech, Senate President, Senator David Mark has reiterated that legislative functions of the Senate does not include award of contracts, saying those pestering legislators for contracts should channel their energy elsewhere.

    Speaking through the Chairman Senate Committee on Information and Media, Senator Ayogu Eze (PDP, Enugu North), the Senate President said “Nigerians still erroneously believe that Senators award contracts or appoint persons to some executive positions when in truth, these are executive functions”.